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Welcome! I’m Dani Gill, a 38-year-old Canadian YOLOer, wife, mom, and travel junkie.

My love affair with travel has lasted over half my life. The past 19 years of adventure travel to nearly 40 countries (and living in three) floods many of my most intense, surreal, ridiculous, and cherished memories. Hundreds of cities, towns, islands, and bucket list destinations, with one goal: to see and do as much as I can.


I now have a second goal: to tell you about my YOLO travel experiences to inspire you to just go. With it comes tips, advice, and my attempts at humour. This blog is honest, informative, and real, with no sugar-coating or lack of detail.


The thought of putting my family’s life online for the world to see is very scary to me. Some people will try to drag you down when your life’s details are on display, especially when many of them (but not all) are happy. But my excitement about YOLO Travel Experiences is much stronger than my fear of being judged.


Now that I have kids and travel with them, it’s even more important for me to show others the ultimate travel fulfillment – seeing the world through a child’s eyes. You may have just barfed in your mouth, but it’s true. If I can inspire and help you benefit from what I’ve learned, I’ll be a happy gal.



“My goal is to tell you about my YOLO travel experiences to help inspire you to JUST GO. With it comes tips, advice, and my attempts at humour. This blog is honest, informative, and real, with no sugar-coating or lack of detail.”


Now, more about my family. We live in Kelowna, B.C., Canada. It’s the ultimate year-round lake and ski destination. My husband Nick is the ideal travel companion. The guy will literally go anywhere, do anything, likes everyone, is always nice, and eats anything. Our son Cohen is seven and our daughter Vayla is five. They both love adventures around home and abroad, and have visited seven countries.


Topping the Gill family travel priorities list are experiencing different cultures, meeting locals and travellers abroad, exploring hidden gems and top sights, wandering aimlessly, road tripping, island hopping, the odd history lesson, and eating as many different delicious foods (and drinks, alcoholic ones) as us foodies can handle.


We also love adventure activities – anything water or snow related is at the top of the list (snorkelling and diving, snowboarding/skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking), but we love us some good land adventures like wildlife watching, hiking, and the odd adrenaline activity.


Honesty is the best policy. Anyone who knows me well can attest that I hate lying or exaggeration, so everything on this site is true, or at least my humble opinion. The first honest thing I’ll tell you is this: TRAVELLING IS NOT ALWAYS AMAZING AND PERFECT. There are ups and downs, which has made me fall in love with it even more – the realities of culture shock and not always being able to control the situation you’re in.


I also enjoy planning travel almost as much as doing it. Researching destinations is more enjoyable than watching Netflix or getting a wine buzz (although travel research + wine buzz is pretty fantastic). I spend hours and hours researching places I want to visit. Want to go to Morocco? I’ve never been, but can tell you all about it!


I realize how INCREDIBLY lucky I’ve been to travel. It’s not cheap and I’m sure that’s the number one reason why people don’t travel as much as they want to (although it can be cheaper than you think if you plan it right). I am forever grateful that I have the means to travel.


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Happy travelling, YOLOers!!!