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The adventurous 10 day Vietnam itinerary

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I get it. It’s impossible to decide where to go in Vietnam with limited time, because there are so many cool spots from North to South. So instead of spending hours figuring it out like I did, go with this adventurous 10 day Vietnam itinerary and you’ll have no regrets.



10 day Vietnam itinerary: how we chose North and Central


We focused on North and Central Vietnam on our December 2018 trip, as our interests and must-dos aligned better with places there. We were sad to miss out on a couple of the beautiful spots in the South, like the tropical island of Phu Quoc, but others were easy to eliminate (like Nha Trang, which we thought would be too overdeveloped and touristy).


There are other great places in the South of course, but we decided Hanoi, Bai Tu Long Bay (or Halong Bay), Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park, and Hoi An were the ideal places for us to hit up on our 10 day Vietnam itinerary. It was the perfect mix of two urban, cultural centers and two quiet, rural retreats.


If you’re unsure what time of year to visit Vietnam, check out this post on the best time to go to Vietnam.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Bai Tu Long Bay


We had our kids Cohen and Vayla (who were six and four) with us. We would’ve done the same itinerary without them. If you are caucasian and travelling in Vietnam with kids, you’ll likely get some attention. Locals touched our blue-eyed, blonde-haired four-year old’s face over and over, asked to take photos with her/us, picked her up, and one even kissed her. Check out these 54 proven ideas to improve international travel with kids for tips to help boost your confidence in family travel.


We had 10 full days not counting the day we arrived and day we left. You could easily stretch this itinerary longer for these four amazing spots. If you have 12-14 days, even better. Add a day to each of the last two places I recommend.


10 day Vietnam itinerary days 1 and 5 Hanoi


10 day Vietnam itinerary
The vibrant colours of Hanoi’s Old Quarter


I say days one and five in Hanoi because most Bai Tu Long bay trips (the next stop on the itinerary) include transfers from Hanoi. So we split up our two days there.


Not so fresh off a long Japan Airlines flight from Canada, we started day one eager to embrace Hanoi’s Old Quarter. We arrived the night prior to a cacophony of honking and partying, locals waving Vietnamese flags everywhere. We learned the national football team had just won a big qualifying game. Although it was 1:30 a.m. and we were so tired, it was such a cool first impression of Vietnam.


HANOI SIDENOTE: If you haven’t travelled a lot, you may find Hanoi quite full-on. Yes, a good old culture shock: good for the soul. Hanoi awakens your senses – every one of them – the constant honking in your ears, the strong waft of barbecue smoke in your nose, a smattering of raw meat or colourful produce on the sidewalk that attracts your eyes, the healing touch of a cheap Vietnamese massage, or your first taste of local pho. It’s chaotic, but in an awesome way that’s not scary or sketchy (okay, maybe crossing the road is). Enjoy it for all it is!


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Hanoi streetscapes


What to do in Hanoi


Despite the jet lag, we were excited to explore. We focused our time in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, suggested by multiple sources. I had read articles about how Hanoi is not the place to check temples, museums and tourists attractions off a list, but a place to soak up all that is Vietnam. I agree, but if you’re into history, museums and temples, check out Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, or the Museum of Ethnology, all of which sounded cool but not what we felt like doing in Hanoi.


We spent our two days walking to all corners of the Old Quarter – eating, drinking, shopping, and taking in the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. Well, and the touches. You CAN’T pass up a six-dollar, 30-minute massage. You just can’t. At that price, the whole damn fam gets one.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Roaming Hanoi’s Old Quarter


We did a three-hour walking tour in Hanoi’s Old Quarter with Hanoi Free Local Tours. University students who want to practice English run this company and the tours are free, although they encourage tips. Our lovely guide “Silver” took us to the Hanoi Ancient House (otherwise known as Heritage House), a well-preserved traditional Vietnamese merchant’s house built in 1890, which was quite cool.


We also visited Don Xuan market, a huge indoor spectacle with every kind of kitschy toy, souvenir, and textile imaginable. When the kids became tired from exploring the Old Quarter all day, we went for coffee at Cong and ice cream on the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake. You’ll want to walk around this lake and across the cute bridges that go over it.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Hoan Kiem Lake (I don’t look jet lagged at all, do I?!)


Shopping was a Hanoi highlight. Jewellery, hats, luggage, figurines and other cool Vietnam souvenirs, plus a plethora of North Face and other (fake) brand name clothing line the walls of shop after shop. You can get inexpensive original art in Hanoi. We bought a beautiful large canvas painting for $150 USD.


You may read that a water puppet show is a must in Hanoi. If you’re going to Halong Bay or Bai Tu Long Bay (the next place on my 10 day Vietnam itinerary), this will likely be included. Don’t see two.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Exploring the maze of streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter is fascinating


Where to stay in Hanoi


We stayed at the Hanoi Emerald Waters Hotel and Spa and I can’t fault it. It’s not a budget option, but for what you get, the price is a steal compared to hotels in other parts of the world (less than $100 USD per night, but price varies based on the time of year and occupancy).


The hotel was super modern and clean with nice decor, the location was great, the staff were incredible and had excellent English, the beds were more comfortable than average (we hardly slept on any soft beds in Vietnam), the breakfast was delicious and the massages were heavenly (although more expensive than six dollars). A pool was the only thing it lacked.


If you’d like to check out some other options, this detailed article has a great selection of areas and luxury, mid-range, and budget places to stay in Hanoi.


Where to eat in Hanoi


Bun Cha Hanoi
Bun Cha from Bun Cha Ta


Where not to eat in Hanoi? There are options galore, but here are a few options you should try in Hanoi, where to get them, and one you shouldn’t try):

  1. Bun Cha – I highly recommend Bun Cha Ta
  2. Pho – Pho 10 was great
  3. Egg coffee – sweet and thick, a Hanoi must try – we went to Cafe Giang
  4. The Note Coffee – a cafe plastered with sticky notes from travellers; you can write your own and the kids loved it
  5. Cong is cool and pretty much the Starbucks of Vietnam
  6. The breakfast at the Hanoi Emerald Waters Hotel and Spa was very good, with Vietnamese and western options. Most hotels include breakfast.
  7. DON’T bother with the Hanoi Social Club – it’s hyped up in articles as a cool spot, but we didn’t find it anything special. Plus it smelt like pee.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
At the Note Coffee


egg coffee Hanoi
Egg coffee from Cafe Giang


10 day Vietnam itinerary – days 2-4 Bai Tu Long Bay (or Halong Bay) Cruise


Off the Northeast coast of Vietnam is the stunning and popular UNESCO world heritage site Halong Bay, a top contender on all Vietnam itineraries. We chose Bai Tu Long Bay instead, slightly Northeast of Halong Bay, because it’s off the beaten path but features the same beauty. Only certain cruise companies are allowed to visit Bai Tu Long Bay. This means there are way fewer boats than Halong Bay and the water is cleaner. This was a three-day, two-night organized tour with Indochina Junk.


I recommend a three-day tour instead of a two-day tour. The three-day trip is actually only 48 hours on the boat, because transport to and from Hanoi and a stop on the way there and back is included in the three days.


Don’t cheap out on this portion of your trip – you need a reliable boat. There are some sketchy operators there. Indochina Junk was amazing and had very good reviews. Our family and two other passengers had the boat (called the Dragon Bay) to ourselves, along with the crew. Indochina Junk has boats with up to 24 cabins and a range of amenities, and were wonderful to deal with.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay


We filled our two days with gazing at the turquoise water and hundreds of karst mountains jutting out from the sea from the comfort of our upper deck lounge chairs, kayaking, exploring a cave, visiting a floating fishing village, squid fishing, learning how to make spring rolls, drinking wine and ice-cold Saigon, and enjoying some of the best meals we had in all of Vietnam, including a delicious barbecue lunch on a deserted beach.


If that last paragraph didn’t sell you on adding this to your 10 day Vietnam itinerary, I don’t know what will. To find out more, I have a post with all the details of this Unforgettable Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise, including a detailed itinerary, review of the food, and video of our boat.


kayaking Bai Tu Long Bay Cruise
Kayaking in Bai Tu Long Bay


10 day Vietnam itinerary – days 6-8 – Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park


This was our favourite place in Vietnam. I highly recommend you add this gem to your 10 day Vietnam itinerary, as I’m certain it will only get busier as more travellers discover it. It’s not the easiest to get to; go anyway. We flew from Hanoi to Dong Hoi then took an hour transfer to Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park. To get out of Phong Nha, we took a six-hour private transfer to Hoi An. Hue is about halfway and a good spot to stop for lunch or a stroll in the citadel.


Another UNESCO world heritage site, Phong Nha is relatively new on Vietnam’s tourist track. It’s set amongst the oldest karst mountains in Asia, with a pretty turquoise river running alongside Phong Nha town (also called Son Trach). It’s the beautiful rural Vietnam you might imagine, with quite a few good hotels and restaurants that have popped up in recent years. But the main attraction here is the hundreds of behemoth caves – the largest, most impressive I’ve seen by a long shot.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Across the street from Victory Road Villas, Phong Nha Town


What to do in Phong Nha


As mentioned, the biggest draw here is the caves. We visited Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, and Tien Son Cave – all were extraordinary. They take some effort to get to, but the journey and exercise is great. There are many other caves you can trek to, swim in, and even have mud baths in, including the Dark Cave and Tra Ang Cave, both of which we couldn’t do with our four and six-year-olds.


The Paradise Cave is clearly named after its beauty – a speleologist’s heaven on earth indeed. I can’t explain the size and intricacies of the cave formations, but I promise they won’t disappoint. The Phong Nha Cave is accessed by boat (buy a ticket at the tourist center) and they will row you the full kilometre length down the underground river inside the cave before letting you off to explore the dry areas.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Paradise Cave


The Tien Son Cave is a short walk from the Phong Nha cave and is accessible by climbing no less than 480 stairs (Cohen diligently counted). Our efforts were rewarded though, as we were the ONLY FOUR PEOPLE in this incredible, massive cave, which definitely can’t be said for the others.


Another highlight of our time in Phong Nha was the Duck Stop. If you’re travelling with kids, DO NOT miss this place. Nick and I also found it terribly amusing. It’s a working farm turned tourist attraction in an agricultural area with unpaved roads in the Bai Long Valley. First, taste the farm crops and see what’s growing. Then, ride “Donald Trump” the water buffalo before having some duck-tastic fun.


what to do in Phong Nha National Park
Riding “Donald Trump” at the Duck Stop


I’ll save you some element of surprise, but your fun might include being a “duck leader” or getting a “duck massage.” The family who lives here is lovely and perhaps the best part was the Bahn Xeo they feed you. Made by the farm mom, it was one of the best things I put in my mouth in Vietnam.


If you fancy a cold beer and killing your own chicken to eat after your Duck Stop experience, head to the Pub With Cold Beer. Phong Nha also has botanical gardens, plenty of hiking, and other outdoor adventures.


Where to stay in Phong Nha


The most luxurious place to stay is Victory Road Villas. This place had such an inviting vibe, with super helpful staff, huge two-floor modern villas with kitchens (stocked with wine!), outdoor tubs, and Netflix. It had a nice pool, sauna and great restaurant. If your budget allows, stay here hands down.


We visited the Phong Nha Farmstay and it was also very nice, although out of town. The highlight is the tranquil surroundings and pool area that overlooks a rice paddy.

10 day Vietnam itinerary
The pool area at Victory Road Villas


Where to eat in Phong Nha


Similar to Hanoi, here’s my list of places to eat or drink, and one to not eat at:


  1. The Villas Restaurant at Victory Road Villas, which has Vietnamese and Western options
  2. Momma D’s Rooftop Patio – great sunsets/views, happy hour, and board games
  3. Bamboo Cafe – for cocktails and healthy options
  4. DON’T eat at Easy Tiger Hostel – we went here trying to find a lively place to drink one night. It was bumpin’ alright (filled with backpackers 15+ years younger than us, and we sat there with our kids like big losers), but the food was just okay. It’s a hostel after all.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
The view from Momma D’s rooftop patio


Here is my full post on Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park, with more details and photos to sell you on hitting up this truly wicked destination.


10 day Vietnam itinerary – days 9-10 Hoi An


Hoi An is an essential stop on a 10 day Vietnam itinerary. It was a vibrant trading port back in the day and is exceptionally preserved – the whole ancient town is a UNESCO world heritage site. The colourful silk lanterns hanging everywhere make for a whimsical strolling experience, especially with kids.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Hoi An at night


What to do in Hoi An


Hoi An’s ancient town is chock-full of shopping, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions, like the multiple preserved historic houses and temples, and a thriving market. It’s a place to wander and lose track of time, which is exactly what we did. When the kids got tired of walking, we took a “cyclo” ride (a rickshaw pulled by a bicycle) or borrowed bikes from our hotel. Vayla sat in a baby seat and Cohen sat on a little seat with foot rests at the back of my bike. Don’t bother asking for a helmet.


Buy a pass to the ancient town, which includes entrance to five of 22 heritage sites and attractions. The Japanese covered bridge is a must-see. The Tan Ky Old House is interesting and similar to the ancient house we visited in Hanoi. There’s no shortage of other museums, temples, pagodas, and ancient houses in Hoi An.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Japanese covered bridge, Hoi An


Hoi An is also the spot to get suits or clothes made. Nick got two high-quality suits and three shirts made for a fraction of what he pays in Canada. The suit savings actually paid for a big chunk of this trip! He researched where to go and was happy with the service and end result he received with Yaly Couture.


The shopping in Hoi An was the best we saw in Vietnam. Boutiques sell unique leather goods such as shoes and handbags, and a few shops carry fashionable women’s clothing, like Hot Chilli.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Hoi An Ancient Town


There are lovely beaches close to Hoi An, like An Bang beach and Cua Dai beach. We didn’t go, as it wasn’t hot enough and rained off and on while we were there. Our hotel had a free shuttle to the beaches. If the weather is good and you’re itching for some beach time, you’ll find all you need in this Hoi An beach guide.


There are other attractions not far from Hoi An worth noting, like Ba Na Hills and Marble Mountain. We visited Marble Mountain on our way to Hoi An, which felt like a bit of a tourist trap. It had some cool mountain views, various temples, and a few small caves though.


Ba Na Hills is dubbed the Disneyland of Vietnam, but we read it was very busy and expensive. It features the “Hands of God” bridge you may have seen in photos. The main reason we didn’t go though was that given the high altitude, the weather can be downright evil in the rainy season (foggy, cold, and rainy), making it unenjoyable and hard to see the sights for the price.


Check out this post on Hoi An with kids for more perspectives on the Ancient Town and unique things to do there.


10 day Vietnam itinerary
Hoi An Ancient Town streetscapes


Where to stay in Hoi An


We stayed at the Lantana Boutique Hotel Hoi An, which was nice, but the room was quite small for the four of us for three nights. If you’re a family, ask for a larger room. The food is plentiful and staff fabulous, plus they had an over-the-top Christmas party. The covered and heated pool is a great escape during a downpour.


This post on where to stay in Hoi An has eight other excellent boutique hotel options. You may want to also check out this article on 5 simple hacks to save money on

Hoi An Vietnam
Hoi An’s beautiful lanterns


Where to eat in Hoi An


Hoi An offers a unique blend of Vietnamese food mixed with influences from different cultures. Trade partners settled in Hoi An years ago, and married culinary offerings with those of the locals. For example, the famous dish Cao Lau (noodles, pork and greens with broth) is a Vietnamese-Chinese dish (although some sources say Japanese) apparently only found in Hoi An and is quite delicious.


We didn’t have as much luck here with good restaurants, but that could’ve been because of my occasional tendency to become hangry. It can take over the importance of finding the best restaurants. Our two favourite places were Morning Glory and Hoi An Golden Kitchen.


Morning Glory had a glorious menu with a wide array of options. The cao lau and white rose dumplings here were excellent – everything was. Hoi An Golden Kitchen also had diverse options and the service was impeccable. My citrus and seafood salad was delish, and Nick opted for another cao lau, because he may never have it again. Sensible.


food in Vietnam
Lunch at Golden Kitchen


10 day Vietnam itinerary: final thoughts


This 10 day Vietnam itinerary will provide you with an epic adventure. It involves a lot of moving around and features activities that require a decent amount of physical activity. But Vietnam is not a place to park your ass on the beach for 10 days. You could, but then you wouldn’t come to know the beauty, chaos, charm, grit, diversity, laid-back vibe and sensory bliss that is Vietnam.


Are you a lucky traveller who has more than 10-12 days in Vietnam? Check out these 25 Amazing Places to Visit in Vietnam.


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  1. Megan McC

    Great pacing to really enjoy the cities you visited. I think I ran through Vietnam too quick, trying to cover it all. I just love the bright colors of the markets and that food looks delicious.

    March 29, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Thanks Megan, although it felt a tad bit rushed while we were there! We still got to see most of what we wanted to though!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  2. Kay

    I can’t wait to visit!! I’m most excited for the fooood

    March 29, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      YES! I only had one dish I didn’t care for the whole time we were there (Bahn Beo) – but try it, you might like it!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  3. Francesca

    I love how detailed this guide is. It’s got some great suggestions for a trip to Vietnam. I loved Hoi An! It was such a cute little town.

    March 29, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Thanks Francesca, we really loved our time there!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  4. Kashlee Kucheran

    I have been living in Hoi An for the past 5 months. I meant to come here for a few weeks and just ended up staying! :p
    But I am hoping to see the North before I go, especially after seeing what you guys did there!

    March 29, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Wow, you must have so much good info on Hoi An then. We really enjoyed our time there, even thought it was only a few days. I hope you get to see all of what you’re hoping to in Vietnam before you leave!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  5. ZanetaBaran.Com

    One year ago I was exactly in the same places, I love Hanoi so much! Ahh now I miss Vietnamese food haha 😀

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      Yeah it’s just not the same in other countries, right?!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  6. Cherene Saradar

    Your post makes me want to go back to Vietnam so bad. I definitely will sometime. So many amazing things to do there!!!!

    March 30, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      So many new places to see, but then I always want to go back to my favourite places too. Good thing I’ve (hopefully) got a lifetime to travel!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  7. Darja

    Oh we had visited almost the same places on our last tour through Vietnam – it was unforgettable 🙂 I absolutely agree with you about Bun Cha – was our most favorite food while in Ha Noi and we kept searching for it everywhere we went 😀 YUM!

    March 30, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Yeah we only had Bun Cha in Hanoi too, and then we discovered Bahn Xeo… SO good too!!

      May 17, 2019 Reply
  8. Andres

    How did you all pick? Suitcases? I’m planning a trip this year to the same destinations and that’s my biggest concern! Getting around with suitacasea!

    December 16, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      For this trip we all used backpacks and packed very light. My husband’s pack was larger so we checked it and mine and the kids packs were carry on size. You don’t need a lot of nice clothes and shoes in Vietnam (or anywhere in SE Asia really) so I’d encourage you to pack light and consider backpacks, even if you’re staying in nice places like we did. Good luck!

      December 17, 2019 Reply
  9. Kelly

    What a great article. I am currently in Hanoi myself and will use some of these ideas. Also agree about Nha Trang and think it was a good idea that you guys decided to skip it.

    December 20, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Thanks Kelly! Yes, definitely check out Bun Cha Ta and get lost in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

      December 22, 2019 Reply
  10. Alma

    What great family adventures! These moments will stay with your children forever.

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    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      It’s our hope that they remember this trip and will definitely remember the upcoming trips as they get older!

      December 22, 2019 Reply
  11. Janine

    Wow! This sounds like an incredible itinerary. I want to go just for the food (although, I’m not sure about the egg coffee…)! Phong Nha Ke-Bang National Park and Halong Bay look so beautiful. What is the best time of year to go?

    December 21, 2019 Reply
    • YOLO Travel Experiences

      Thanks, yes it was an incredible itinerary, although I wish we would’ve had more time to visit the South too. The food was AMAZING. Vietnam has different climates in the North, Central and South – the North can get cool in the winter but is hot in the summer, Central is hot in the summer and rainy in the winter, and South is always hot! You may want to check a better source to get the exact weather details, but you can pretty much go there any time of year and find good weather!

      December 22, 2019 Reply



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