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Big Island snorkeling: why it’s the best (with video)

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How awesome is snorkeling with ocean creatures in their natural habitat? I can’t not love them. We had two Big Island snorkeling experiences in Hawaii that were unreal. The highlights? Coming within inches of spinner dolphins and giant manta rays. Like move-out-of-the-way close!


As a true Scorpio, I’m loyal to my water sign – a lover of most things water-related, especially when they involve wildlife. Our two Big Island snorkeling trips with Kona Ocean Experience included a morning “spinner dolphin encounter” and Kealakekua Bay snorkel, and a “manta ray night snorkel”. I was stoked.


I didn’t expect to see so many dolphins and manta rays, and so close up (a pod of about 80-100 dolphins and five rays, both in small areas). This is why I’d say Big Island snorkeling might be the best we’ve done, from the tropics of North America, the Caribbean, and South America, to the waters and reefs of SE Asia and Australia. I was like a kid in a candy store, whooping and hollering into my snorkel. I’ll let the video I created (link below) tell the story of our up close and personal encounters with these majestic and graceful sea creatures.


But first, some background if you’re wondering how it’s almost guaranteed to see dolphins and manta rays in this part of Hawaii.

The spinner dolphins come in to Keauhou Bay every morning to rest. The tour companies know this, so when you see an area with a bunch of boats at that time of the morning, it’s a safe bet there are dolphins there.

Manta rays: the Sheraton Keauhou Resort put lights in the ocean years ago along the shoreline to enhance the experience for guests strolling the property at night. People started noticing manta rays swimming in the clear water after dark. The lights had attracted high volumes of phytoplankton – the manta ray’s main food source – and a lucky ray had entered into a plankton feast, starting a nightly tradition for rays in the area. While snorkelling,  you hold onto a surfboard with LED lights shining into the water. You can even see sparkles of green and purple in my video – that’s the plankton. The rays come up RIGHT under the surfboard (and VERY close to you), doing a graceful backflip each time to scoop the shimmery treats into their giant mouths.


Oh, and check out the excitement in my voice in the one part I talk…!



The snorkelling a Kealakekua Bay was good, nothing out of this world, but featured great visibility and an abundance of various types of fish swimming among the coral. We also snorkelled at Pauoa Bay several times, where we were staying at the Fairmont Orchid near Puako, north of Kona. We saw rainbows of colourful fish and a couple of cool, calm and collected sea turtles.


And our kids? They are a bit young (three and five), but they tried. Cohen snorkeled in the calm Pauoa Bay waters and was delighted to spot a turtle with me. He got in the water with the dolphins, but found the water too cold so got back out. Both kids were thrilled to see the dolphins jumping in and out of the water so many times from the boat. Vayla got in at Kealakekua Bay, saw a few fish, then got water up her nose and wanted to go back in the boat. Props for trying!


big island snorkeling
Beach access to snorkeling at Pauoa Bay


So…if you’re a water baby and sea creature enthusiast like me, put Big Island snorkeling on your travel list. We also did some great snorkeling in Maui a few years ago (LOTS of turtles).


Mahalo, Hawaii and Kona Ocean Experience, for the unforgettable YOLO Big Island snorkeling experiences!


Looking for more on snorkeling? Check out my post on Bocas del Toro, Panama, where we snorkeled with hundreds of jellyfish!



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