4 days in Tokyo: 8 amazing things to do

Japan is a country that if you have an interest in it and think you'll like it, you'll probably love it. For the longest time it wasn't high on my list of places to travel, but slowly inched its way up – then promptly smashed my expectations. Our 2016 trip was short; it was the first time we left our young kids for more than a week (nine days to be exact) – so we focused on seeing the ...

What to eat in Japan


Someone once asked me, "Where is the place you've travelled with the best food?" My answer? Japan. I loved almost everything about Japan, but the food really stole my heart, hence the reason I'm writing about it before anything else from our trip. So, if you're wondering what to eat in Japan, the short answer is: EVERYTHING.

Now here's the long answer...
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