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Maui with a baby: YES you should

It's hard to believe the chunky 10-month-old man in the photo is now seven. Now before you close this window, rest assured I've researched that all the information in this post is still up-to-date. Maui, Hawaii was somewhere we always wanted to visit, and it seemed like a suitable first destination to take baby number one, Cohen. Maui with a baby would allow us to dabble ...
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4 days in NYC: epic and unique things to do

In July 2019, I poured a glass of rosé and turned on Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind. Belting it out like I was Ms. Keys herself, I paused to laugh as my husband washed the floors of our not-as-pristine-as-we-hoped Airbnb in Midtown Manhattan. We had arrived for my third trip to the concrete jungle – 4 days in NYC to celebrate our good friends Tracy and Scott's 40th birthdays.
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Disneyland hacks and highlights to make your trip awesome

Confession: prior to going, I wasn't sure if I would love Disneyland. It felt like an obligatory trip one must do while their kids are young. Turns out my piss poor attitude was proven wrong, because I had SO MUCH fun there! Although my friend gave us an awesome suggested itinerary, it still took some figuring out. So here are my top Disneyland hacks and highlights, coming from the ...
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10 days in Hawaii Island (the Big Island) with kids

"I wanna go back to my little grass shack in Kealakekua, Hawaiiiiii..." This catchy tune ran through my head as I momentarily woke every so often from light turbulence on our red-eye home, happy and fulfilled from our 10 days in the Big Island with kids, two little sleeping heads on my lap.

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Big Island snorkeling: why it’s the best (with video)

How awesome is snorkeling with ocean creatures in their natural habitat? It's a highlight for me on any trip. We had two Big Island snorkeling experiences in Hawaii that were unreal. The highlights? Coming within inches of spinner dolphins and giant manta rays. Like move-out-of-the-way close! 2206 ...